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The boys and I have been living it up with this beautiful weather and spending a lot of time outdoors and at the park!  They of course love it, and I will love it more when all the mosquitoes go away for the fall!  Anyways, bug bites aside we had a great time a a cute little park by our house that I have been meaning to take them to for a while.  I must admit that I had ulterior motives for taking them here (as you shall soon see! muahahahahaha~) because there is this awesome painted mural just around the corner that I have been dying to shoot!  Well, it didn’t all go as planned…actaully it backfired on me because they didn’t want me pulling them away from the park to go “take pictures” as they say.  So by the time I got them to the wall they were a little upset. Oh well…next time I know better.  Shoot first, then park!

Enjoying themselves…throwing grass in the air.  ah, it’s the little things that make my kids happy 🙂



See, they had no love for my camera at this point 🙁

Let the shenanigans begin!

Awwww.  They really do love each other…time has gone by so fast. I can’t believe how big they are now! *tear*

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Yuri - October 16, 2009 - 1:33 pm

Oh~~ so cute! I really like this set! adorable!

Drew - November 19, 2009 - 6:49 pm

Haha, great captures! love those moments of ‘brotherly love’ 😉

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