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About Me

Here’s just a little bit about myself. I’ll start off by saying I got this idea via a flickr group called “16 things…” So without further ado here are 16 random things about me!DSC_0095

1. I am addicted to tinted chapstick…I can’t help myself!
2. I have a love and hate relationship with most TV shows I watch (LOST and Heroes included!)
3. I was definitely a tomboy growing up and still hold on to a little bit of that!
4. I really, really love the city of Chicago…I have only been there once but I fell in love with that city!
5. Much to my dismay, I vacuum at least once a day, thanks to my boys.
6. I H-A-T-E doing laundry, it is the one thing that I despise doing every week.
7. I love everything about being a mother, even the hard parts.
8. My husband is my high school sweetheart…I love him more than ever now.
9. I am basically the female version of my father, we have the same mannerisms, likes, talents, etc…it’s kinda scary!
10. I am a little bit (ok a lot) of a perfectionist.
11. I have an addiction to senbei, Japanese rice cracker snacks, from the bulk bin of my grocery store…it’s a sad, sad thing.
12. I partied enough between the ages of 18-21 to last me the rest of my life…oops.
13. I love to garden…I don’t have the “greenest thumb” but I try!
14. Working out is my way to relieve stress and frustration…after a long day with my energetic boys I  need a good workout to unwind.
15. I don’t do diets…I am a miserable person when I try to stick to one.
16. I love seeing people in love.

– Lynette

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