All the buzz: Textures! – Plano, TX Wedding Photographer

As with everything else in life, photography too has its trends, some that will last and some that just won’t. Each has it’s place, if used correctly. One big trend right now in the world of photography is the use of textures in the post processing of images. Personally, I really like using textures (when appropriate) if I feel like it will add just that special touch to my image to make it stand out from the rest. But like every other trend, it becomes overwhelming and overdone if it is used too much. Especially with wedding photography that is meant to be timeless…you want to be able to look back in 15 years and feel like it is still an outstanding image. I love being able to keep up with the trends and wants of my clients and it gives me a chance to add a little “artistic flare” to my work…enjoy!

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