Saima+Imran:Part 1…Saima’s Mayoun || Frisco, TX Wedding Photography

*warning this post contains TONS of photos!*
This post is from day one of Saima and Imran’s 5-day wedding extravaganza that I shot a couple of weeks ago. I had such a hard time going through and narrowing it down to a “reasonable” number of images!  So these are some of my faves from the first day of events.

Today’s event is Saima’s mayoun, it was comprised mostly of her immediate family and close friends.   Everything was decorated beautifully, there was delicious (and of course, spicy!)  food and of course the beautiful dancing.  It was so funny, because when I arrived it was like catching up with old friends again, not at all like I was at work.  Her family is so completely sweet and her friends are equally awesome!  I just felt so at home and at ease, I could not have asked for anything more!  I cannot wait to post the other pictures for all the other events…so stay tuned this week to see the rest!

Just a few of some of the gorgeous details….sparkles, sparkles everywhere!  And all of the the colors were just stunning.details1

Seeing in some of the guests…mayoun-2

The gorgeous, custom-made, intricately beaded dupatta that Saima entered under…so, so pretty.details2

Her beautiful friends…hanging out before all the festivities begin.

One of her younger brothers…very GQ!

Her little cousins were too funny…I had a blast with them all weekend!mayoun-23

Always time for a game of paper football, right?mayoun-34

See…the most beautiful friends!

Saima’s super awesome aunt, she was so sweet…..all of this was at her beautiful home!mayoun-82

The traditional flowers to adorn the bride…they smelled wonderful too!mayoun-46

The traditional Pakistani paste made with turmeric, used to beautify the skin of the bride.

And of course the sweets for the bride…she had A LOT of these fed to her over the next 4 days!mayoun-51


Let there be music….the drum and some lyrics!mayoun-88

And who could forget her twin cousins…talk about adorable.mayoun-109

Her big entrance…accompanied by her brothers and sister.details3

Her mom, sister and aunt all helped making sure the flowers were just right…

What an awesome big brother…he was so proud.mayoun-169

Sneaking some cookies…I promised I wouldn’t tell!mayoun-237

Saima’s beautiful mom…she looks so young and pretty, I told her she could pass as one of her sisters!mayoun-243

And then there was dancing!  If only I had mad dancing skillz like these girls….friends2

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sameera - September 30, 2010 - 9:25 am

wow ! what a great work 🙂
keep it up
two thumbs up for this 🙂

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